Mission & Values


Our Mission

As Tetik Valves, our priority is always to be the best in what we are doing and to be at the forefront of innovation and development.

Developing our production and sales models which are innovative and in line with the requirements of the times and following relevant technological progress closely.

Keeping an active communication channel with our customers by offering effective after sales services and by organising regular visits, as a result of our working principle which prioritizes customer satisfaction. Etablishing rigorous production measures with 0,001 error margin which is the result of 100% eye and measuring checks. Consolidating trust by offering 120.000 km warranty.

Our Vision

Tetik Motor Valves, which was acquired by Motor Asin Automotive since 2012, has become a stronger and more successful brand as a result of renewed production line, new plans to produce more valves for more variety of vehicle brands and efficient sales and after-sales customer satisfaction policies.


The ultimate goals of Tetik Motor Valves:

  • To increase production capacity and export levels while still protecting the reliability it deserves and its brand value.
  • To respond to the needs of more brands in more categories
  • To continue to be the brand which leads the way by “achieving-it-first” in its own field in Turkey.