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About Us

ATS Engine Parts Trading Co.

As Tetik Valves which has pioneered many initiatives, we take pride in our brand which is identified with success, continuous growth and increasing strength for the last 60 years. As the first valve brand of Turkey and Middle East, we managed to reduce the valve importation into the country almost to the level of zero as a result of our hard work accompanied with determination and dicipline.


By the 1980s, we had already become the leading manufacturer of valves which were used in the engines of leading car manufacturers such as Mercedes, Man, Volvo, Fiat and Renault. The year 1986 marks the start of our valve exports to countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, Germany and Japan along with our own local market.


Keeping up with the times and innovating ourselves have been adopted as our basic principal by closely following the technological developements which will contribute towards an increased production speed and quality. We grew stronger as a result of an exclusive distributorship agreement drawn up with Motor Asin Automotive Trading Co. in 2002 and we attained a broader vision by joining Motor Asin family in 2012.


Our journey which started to produce valves for car engines in the year 1960, moved on to a different phase after 2012, as a result of renewed production line and 1.145.000 square meter outdoor and 10.000 square meter indoor area of our production facility where the volume of business increased to 1500 different valve types with an annual production capacity of 3 million valves.


Today we are proud of representing our national flag across the world with 40% of our goods produced for export. As Tetik Valves, we continue to be the driving force for the World’s Engine production industry.